Partnership with SOS Kinderdorf

10 days of basic medical care, 1 school day or 2 meals: We support the organisation SOS Children's Villages because we share their core values. With every purchase of a Bleibkind item, you help a child in need by financing 10 days of basic medical care, 1 school day or 2 warm meals. In doing so, you help to enable children to "be a child" and to build a self-determined future for themselves.

SOS-Kinderdorf is a private, politically and denominationally independent children's aid organisation. The organisation gives children and young people in 135 countries a permanent home. The focus is on strengthening families and children at risk. The break-up of family communities has fatal consequences for the children and the society in which they live.

SOS-Kinderdorf also contributes to improving the living conditions and future prospects of parentless or abandoned children. In over 540 SOS Children's Villages worldwide, they are integrated into society, educated and can thus pave their way to an independent future on site.

SOS-Kinderdorf Schweiz focuses on programmes in Ethiopia, Lesotho, Nepal, Nicaragua and Niger. The donations from Bleibkind go to where they are most urgently needed.